SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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Plasmonic nanoagents for spatio-temporal control of biological systems

In this project, we aim to use plasmonic nanoagents for sensing and manipulation of living cells. First, plasmonic nanoantennas embedded with supported lipid membranes will be used to study the structure and spatio-temporal organization of molecules at the membrane of cells that are cultured on this platform. Second, we will explore the possibility to use gold nanoantennas made by DNA-origami as addressable nanoagents for single molecule Raman studies on living cells. Third, we will investigate how photoswitchable nanoagents interact with synthetic membranes and the membrane of living cells and study how photothermal effects due to plasmonic heating can be utilized to control cell function in space and time.