SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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  • Elternstammtisch klein neulFemale junior scientists are strongly encouraged to participate in and to integrate into the Graduate Program (MGK) of the SFB1032. In addition, the SFB1032 makes great efforts to prevent female junior researchers of dropping out after pregnancy or due to family issues by actively supporting their return after maternity leave.
  • Since women should be present and visible at different career levels, the SFB1032 seeks to increase the number of female scientists on its committees. At workshops and colloquia, the SFB1032 will pay special attention to invite female speakers.
  • If requested by female graduate students, the SFB1032 will provide suggestions for a research mentor. The research mentor will act as a ‘role model’ and advise on career management and the development of the student’s scientific profile.
  • The SFB1032 can support annual training courses for female scientists financially. In those courses female SFB scientists acquire management skills, presentation skills as well as strategic skills for career management.
  • The SFB1032 together with the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) and the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) organises an informal parents meeting every 3 months. There mothers and fathers along with parents to be and PhD students/group leaders who are thinking about having children meet up to share their experiences, get new insight and last but not least to network.
  • In addition, the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) is currently supporting gender equality within the cluster with the following measures: for all interested female scientists quarterly meetings are held. These meetings provide an opportunity for a regular exchange and for the build-up of a subject-related and personal network. The female scientists are made aware of the latest updates on gender issues. They can express their wishes and suggest improvements.
  • The university programme LMU Mentoring (women only) provides career support for highly qualified, emerging female academics working toward a professorship. To this aim, well-respected and experienced female professors act as mentors within the different faculties of LMU. The mentors serve as a role model and advise and support the mentees individually in their career planning and in developing their individual academic profile. All mentees are connected within a network that goes beyond subject borders.

Above all, the SFB1032 envisions a family-friendly and supportive climate, allowing young fathers and mothers to balance their scientific work with their family duties:

  • Workshops, committees and meetings concerning the SFB1032 are scheduled at times that are covered by regular daycares, so that staff with children and part-time staff is be able to attend.
  • The SFB1032 supports parents in sharing offices with their babies and infants when necessary. To facilitate this, some furniture and toys (foldable cot, blankets, toys for children of different age) will be offered.
  • To guarantee childcare in times of emergency, i.e., during illness of parents or the family day care or during conferences and symposia, extra-expenses for accommodation and journey can be (co-) financed by the resources of the SFB1032.
  • Pregnant experimental scientists, who have to carry out experiments carrying a potential risk for the fetus are supported by a technician during the course of the pregnancy.