SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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ProjectResearchProject leaders
Area A Spatio-temporal control in nanoscale reaction networks  
A01 Enzyme networks by design Prof. H. E. Gaub, Physics
A02 Enhancing molecular interactions using DNA and RNA nanoscaffolds Prof. Dr. Friedrich Simmel, Physics
A03 Spatial patterns of biomolecules: Optimization and intrinsic control Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gerland, Physics
A04 Autonomous Replicators using Molecular Cooperation Prof. Dr. Dieter Braun, Physics
A05 Nanomanipulators for the control of cell differentiation Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell, Chemistry
A06 DNA-based Superlattices and Nanocarriers Prof. Dr. Tim Liedl, Physics
A07 DNA scaffolds, rafts and switchable supported lipid membranes studied by x-rays Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler, Physics
Dr. Bert Nickel, Physics
A08 Plasmonic nanoagents for spatio-temporal control of biological systems Dr. Theobald Lohmüller, Physics
A09 De novo engineering of a pattern forming reaction system in variable geometries Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille, Physics
A10 Structure formation with DNA colloid Prof. Andreas Bausch, Physics
A11 Nanoimaging of DNA nanoagents interacting with cells Dr. Ralf Jungmann, Physics
Area B Nanosystems controlling cellular dynamics  
B01 Surface designs for the control of cell migration Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler, Physics
B02 Formation of Pattern and Shape in Confined Cellular Systems Prof. Dr. Erwin Frey, Physics
B03 Combining advanced fluorescence methods and nanoagents Prof. Dr. Don C. Lamb, Chemistry
B04 Nucleic acid nanoagents utilizing the intracellular microRNA machinery for switching functions in cells Prof. Dr. Ernst Wagner, Chemistry
B05 Switchable Mesoporous Nanoconstructs for Controlling Cell Functions in Space and Time Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Bein, Chemistry
B08 Controlling cellular function by structured surfaces: “Artificial angiogenesis” Prof. Dr. Stefan Zahler, Chemistry
B09 Dynamic Nanosystems for the Temporal and Spatial Control of Cell Functions Dr. Oliver Thorn-Seshold, Chemistry
B11 Nanoagents for controlled manipulation of cell-ECM interaction Dr. Hanna Engelke, Chemistry
B12 Controlling mechanosensing and migration of cells in disordered 3D structures Prof. Chase Broedersz, Physics