SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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"Nanoagents around the world"

1. SFB1032 (MGK) Blockseminar


On December 5th, 2013 the SFB1032-, CeNS- and NIM associates gathered in the beautiful location of the Seidl Villa at the English Garden to hold the first Blockseminar of the graduate program MGK of the SFB1032.

The SFB1032 Student Representatives Fabian Wehnekamp, Florian Thüroff and Mario Teichmann had invited international and national speakers to talk about SFB1032 relevant topics and therefore had chosen the title “Nanoagents around the world” accordingly.

Katrin Heinze from the Universität Würzburg gave the opening lecture and spoke about nanoscale imaging techniques for biological systems. The next two speakers, Markus Rehberg and Filipe Tosteving, coming from different scientific backgrounds, covered two important topics of the SFB1032 (using nanoagents in vivo to influence leucocyte motility, and optimization of collective enzyme activity via spatial localization).

BlockseminarI fiona klein

After the lunch break 3 well-known speakers, Eyal Nir from the Universities of Ben Gurion, Ralph Jungmann from Harvard and Paul Wiseman from the University of McGill gave fascinating insights into their research topics.

The interesting titles and remarkable speakers generated a lot of interest in the Blockseminar. Due to the entertaining talks and thanks to the attentive audience that never tired off asking important questions the discussions were lively and made the first MGK Blockseminar a huge success.

BlockseminarI Gruppenbild

From left to right:

Student Representatives Florian Thüroff, Fabian Wehnekamp, Mario Teichmann (top), Speakers Filipe Tostevin, Ralf Jungmann (top), Katrin Heinze, Paul Wiseman (top), Eyal Nir