SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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Joint Cens Colloquium with SFB1032

Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Milano

21.01.2022 at 15:30 

Title: Optical stimulation of cells by intramembrane molecular switches

Location: Online Webinar via Zoom

Host: Dr. Oliver Thorn-Seshold, PD Dr. Theo Lohmüller, PD Dr. Bert Nickel

Summary: Prof Lanzani’s research applies photophysics and photochemistry to the life sciences, with work from spectroscopy to retinal prostheses, vision restoration and edible electronics. This talk will focus on chemical biology and imaging.

see also CeNS-colloquiums-website

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