SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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Sonderseminar SFB 1032

Joyce Meiring University of Utrecht, group of Anna Akhmanova

07.10.2021 17:00  – 18:30 

Title: "An optogenetic tool for localised microtubule disassembly"
Location: LMU Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Römer Forum, ground floor of the BioSysM building (as you enter)
Host: Dr. Oliver Thorn-Seshold (B09)


Tools to control protein functions with the spatial and temporal precision with which we can apply light, have grown tremendously in recent years. Both optogenetics (photocontrolled fusion proteins) and photopharmacology (photocontrolled small molecule ligands) have made valuable contributions: particularly to controlling cell motility, excitable cell function, and towards controlling cytoskeletal structure and dynamics.

Responsible for content: Cornelia Hanich-Depner