SFB 1032: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular and Cellular Reactions

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SFB1032 Retreat 2014

in Frauenchiemsee

24.02.2014 – 25.02.2014




February 24th

09:45 Welcome
10:00 Peter Röttgermann/Christoph Schreiber (B01)
Controlling cell migration by microstructured surfaces
10:20 Georg Urtel (A04)
Game Theory on the Nanoscale
10:40 Kaffeepause
11:00 Silke Meiners (CPC, HelmholtzZentrum München)
Nanoagents for the lung?
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Ben Fabry (Universität Erlangen)
Cancer cell migration in 3D biopolymer networks
14:15 Fabian Baumann (A01)
Studying Protein Interactions in Zero-Mode Waveguides
14:35 Kaffeepause
14:55 Fabienna Arends (B07)
Nanoagents in 3-dimensional biopolymer hydrogels
15:15 Kerstin Pflieger/Simon Schuster (B08)
Artificial Angiogenesis - Set the stage for new models
15:35 Katharina Müller/Philipp Heißig (B04)
Molecular nanoagents for anti-metastatic miR200c overexpression and detection
15:55 Kaffeepause
16:15 Yongzheng Xing (A06)
A Label-free Sensing Platform based on the DNA Origami and Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
16:35 Mario Teichmann/Jonathan List (A02)
Influence of spatial arrangement of molecular components on DNA origami structures
16:55 Stefan Fischer (A07)
Characterizing Lipid Nanostructures with X-Rays
17:15 Kaffeepause
17:30 Andre Estevez-Torres (LPN, CNRS, Marcoussis)
DNA-based chemical waves and patterns
18:00 Dinner

February 25th

09:00 Patrick Urban, Anastasia Babynina (A08)
Plasmonic manipulation of lipid membranes
09:20 Florian Hinzpeter (A03)
Spatially orchestrated enzyme kinetics in multi-enzyme complexes
09:40 Sabine Sellner (B10)
DNA nanotubes as intracellular delivery vehicles in vivo
10:00 Kaffeepause
10:20 Simon Kretschmer (A09)
Reconstitution and Engineering of Min protein self-organization
10:40 Maria Tomas (A05)
A new bio-isosteric DNA base pair based on reversible covalent bonding for highly termostable DNA crosslinking
11:00 Kaffeepause
11:20 Jacob Halatek (B02)
Mechanisms of Min Protein Self Organization
11:40 Fabian Wehnekamp (B03)
3D Real-Time Orbital Tracking Microscopy in Zebrafish Embryos
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Karin Möller, Constantin Schirnding, Hsin-Yi Chiu (B05)
Mesoporous Nanoconstructs for Controlling Cell Functions
13:50 Oliver Thorn- Seshold/James Frank (B09)
Optical Control of Cellular Membranes and Tracks
14:10 Final Remarks
14:15 Discussion Round I
15:00 Discussion Round II

February 24th: bus departure: 7.30am in front of LMU's main building, Ludwigstraße

Link to the ferry plan (Prien to Frauenchiemsee): here...

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